Welcome to Senscot Legal - a legal company, set up to meet the needs of the social enterprise community in Scotland. Senscot Legal itself operates as a social enterprise.

What is Senscot Legal?

Senscot Legal was established late in 2010 to provide support in legal matters to the social enterprise community and wider third sector in Scotland. Senscot had been exploring the possibility of setting up such a service for a number of years. With the help of the Scottish Govt`s Enterprise Fund, we have been able to achieve this aim. Whilst the company must operate as a sustainable business, as a social enterprise any surpluses will be utilised to develop the business itself and/or for the benefit of the social enterprise community in Scotland.

What do we do?

Senscot Legal offers affordable legal advice of the highest quality to social enterprises and the wider third sector. It is our aim to provide any and all legal advice and assistance required. We have a strong commitment to supporting social enterprise in all legal aspects with a view to broadening and strengthening the social enterprise community in Scotland. Areas of law include governance, company formation, employment law, contracts, dispute resolution and intellectual property issues. This list is by no means exhaustive, therefore please click this link for further information on our services.

Who can we help?

Social Enterprises; Charities; Community and Voluntary Organisations; Community Housing Associations and everyone in between from small community groups to organisations that operate at a national level. If you wish to enquire further, please contact us.
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